Creating better fabrics for better lives

Developed by a well established textile manufacturing company, Comfiknit has built on a dedication to research and development for the betterment of life for all.  We conducted our own research into body temperature management as a foundation for new standards in fabric manufacturing. We are actively partnering with leading research institutions and universities for continued improvement – creating better fabrics for better lives.

Tri-knit® technology is the latest result from our in-house research and development team, whose focus is on innovative approaches to developing microclimates that support and improve the way our bodies naturally function. We have been taking an ergonomic approach and combining decades of fabric production experience with external collaborations to develop the fabrics for tomorrow: fabrics that maximize comfort, performance and even support unique medical needs.

Comfiknit optimizes the functionality inherent in existing and future yarns, and combine them to create unique blends tailored to specific functional requirements without the need for chemical additives unknown for safety.

Redefining the textile market

Be the solution provider to the problem of existing fabrics

Comfiknit is a three-layer knit fabric – an evidence-based technology on sweat management resulted from extensive research on sweat processing.

Ergonomic Performance

Comfiknit fabrics go beyond the quick dry concept by sports brands, creating an effective environment to provide both cooling in summer and warmth in winter.  The fabrics are re-engineered to accelerate cycles of water absorption, wicking, and evaporation.

Core Temperature

Managing our core temperature at optimal level is crucial to reducing the risk of heart arrest during sports activities. Marathon running is a risky sport which might cause heart arrest due to high accumulated core temperature.  Therefore, we emphasize the importance of wearing thermal gear from head to toe.